An outline of the level of Customer Service that I strive to achieve -

Prompt Appointments 

After the initial phone call/email, i will try & come to view the job as soon as it is convenient. Usually the best time for myself would be a weekday evening (I am usually busy at work during the day). Alternatively, if evenings are not possible, I could arrange to call round at the weekend.

Free Written Quotations 

Once I have been to see the job & taken the necessary details, I will go away & prepare a free, no obligation Quotation. I will aim to deliver the Quotation within 3 days of the initial meeting or sooner if you wish to receive it by email.

No Hidden Extras

Almost without exception, the price quoted at the start will be what the customer pays on completion of the job.

If however, during the job the customer would like additional work doing that was not included in the quote (e.g. painting a few extra doors) Then a price should be agreed by both parties before the extra work is started.


If my quote is accepted then I will arrange a start date to suit both parties & book it in firm. I will usually phone the week before i am due to start just to confirm that you are ready for me. 

If for any reason there is a problem, or you change your mind about having the work done, then please let me know as early as possible so I can make other arrangements.


I pride myself on being punctual from start to finish. I will always arrive at the agreed time & will not start on another job until the current job is completed in full & to the customers satisfaction.


I do not ask for any money upfront, I aim to deliver as promised, preferably better than expected. In return for my commitment, I ask to be paid in full on completion of the job. On larger jobs (over 10 days) I will usually ask to be paid in stages, provided you are happy with the work completed thus far.


I understand that occasionally things can go wrong. I would recommend that if there is something that you are concerned about during the course of the job, please do not hesitate to mention it. Usually there is an easy solution to the problem, more often than not it is just an error in communication which can be resolved swiftly. 

That is how I aim to conduct myself in business, to provide peace of mind to all concerned. If you have any suggestions on how I could make improvements, please do not hesitate to contact me with your suggestions.